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The Legend and Brilliance of William Seward Burroughs

William Seward Burroughs, also called William Lee as his pen name, was an American novelist, satirist, short story writer, essayist, painter, and spoken word performer.

A major figure of the Beat Generation and a prominent postmodernist author who focused on the paranoid fiction genre, he is known for being one of the most politically incisive, culturally driving, and originative artists of the 20th century. His influence is believed to have left a substantial impact on a scope of popular culture and also literature. Burroughs completed six albums of short stories, eighteen novels and novellas, and four albums of essays. There are five books on his correspondences and interviews. He also teamed up on various projects with a lot of performers and musicians, including recordings, and made an appearance in a slew of films.

Born into an affluent family in St. Louis, Missouri, he was the grandson of William Seward Burroughs, the creator and founder of the Burroughs Corporation; and the nephew of public relations manager, Ivy Lee. During his early adolescent years, Burroughs set out into journal and essay writing, but it wasn’t until his thirties that he started publicizing his works. He left home in 1932 to study at Harvard University, where he took up English, and then enrolled in anthropology as a postgraduate, before proceeding to Vienna to attend medical school. In 1942, Burroughs joined the U.S. Army for World War II, but was rejected by the Office of Strategic Services and Navy. It was at that point when he started going into drugs, an addiction that never left him for the rest of his life, in between working a range of jobs. In 1943, while residing in New York City, he met and became friends with Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac, with whom he planted the seeds of the Beat Generation, which eventually became a defining influence on the counterculture of the 1960s.

A large portion of Burroughs’s work is partly autobiographical, substantially shaped by his life as a heroin addict, as he lived in and around Paris, London, Tangier in Morocco and Mexico City, including his visits in the South American Amazon. By accident, Burroughs killed Joan Vollmer, his second wife, in Mexico City in 1951, which led to his conviction for manslaughter. Fueled by the success of Junkie (1953), his confessional first novel, Burroughs became a sensation after his third book, Naked Lunch (1959), an extremely controversial novel that was part of a sodomy court case in the U.S. Together with Brion Gysin, he also made the literary cut-up method greater very popular through some of his works, like The Nova Trilogy (1961-1964).

The year 1983 saw Burroughs’ election to the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, and just a year later, he received the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres awarded by France. Jack Kerouac regarded Burroughs as the next best satirical writer that followed Jonathan Swift, a repute that sprung out of his unending subversion of the economic, moral and political systems of modern-day America, often stated in dark and funny sardonicism.

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The Importance of Your Ketubah Text

One of the most significant custom of the Jewish during weddings is a Ketubah. The married couple, in relation to signing of contracts, must sign this in front of their witnesses and rabbi.

The Jewish Ketubah is not only created as a symbol for weddings, it originated as something to protect the wife and the child’s life in the future. It basically takes care and affirm the rights of the wife with regards to her financial care in case something bad happens to the marriage ends up in a divorce or if the couple are separated.

Aside from designing the artwork of your Ketubah, it is also important to remember that it should be carefully thought out. This will really play a significant part not only in your married life but also your memory of the start of it which will start on your wedding ceremony. The Ketubah text is usually not set on priority unlike the designs that people pick however, it must be remembered that it is equally important.

The Ketubahor marriage contract will be with you forever. Which means you must not only want it to look perfectly but you should also aim for it to be well written and include what you really want to say in the text. Also, it must be approved by the rabbi. Before you come up with the decision to finalize your Ketubah text, it is best if you ask advice from your rabbi first.

There are lots of Ketubah that you can find online if you are trying to find one. This way you can choose from a lot of different designs. Be sure to have adequate reading so that you hand an idea of what is out there. You must ask for advice from your rabbi who will be the one to officiate once you find a Ketubah that you and your partner love and chosen to use.

One problem you might encounter with this type of contract is finding a Ketubah with the design that you and your partner loves but the artist has chosen to put a different text. In this case, all you have to do is to ask the artist to make a new one with the same the same and with the text that you want. If you cannot find a Ketubah that you and your partner likes, one of your options is to make your own. This can be considered as a special bonding and intimate time for you and your partner as both of you will be writing it together.

You can ask help from your rabbi with regard to the translation from modern Ketubah or English into Hebrew since this is mostly the used writing used in Ketubah text.

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Use These Great Tips to Successfully Pick the Right Photo Booth Rental Services for Your Event

Photo booth rental services have been rather popular these days during events, and that’s simply because they aren’t only a source of memorable photos, but are quite fun for guests as well. For those that are planning to rent a photo booth for their events in the near future, finding a reliable services provider is definitely an important task. For those that want to ensure that they end up picking the right rental services for these booths, here are a few tips that can help you out.

First of all, if you know someone that has used such a service before, ask them for recommendations. If you have someone you know that had a photo booth in one of their parties and if you enjoyed it, then you should prioritize the recommendation of that individual. Overall, getting recommendations from people you know is a great approach, and that’s because you are basically getting information from an individual that you already trust.

Next, for those that have plans of hiring a professional photographer for the event, it is also a good idea to ask them if they can provide you with such a service, or refer you to one at the very least. These days, most professional photographers do offer these as an additional service during their gigs, and that’s why it is really worth asking them about it. The photo booth services recommended to you through this approach will usually be reliable if the event photographer you are working with is a reliable one as well.

Last of all, you should always ensure that you take the time to read reviews about the options that you find in case you decided to look for such services, by simply surveying the market for it. Taking your search online is definitely recommended if you are planning to take this particular approach because you will have a more convenient time with it. Additionally, it will provide you with more options and that is always great because it will give you a higher chance of finding the one you really need. Above everything else, this will really help if you want to have an easier but more effective time comparing your options.

These are just a few examples of what you can do, if you want to have an easier time finding the right service providers for the photo booths you want to have during your event. There are quite a lot of very reliable photo booth rental services these days, and that’s why you shouldn’t worry about having a really difficult time finding one for your event. Just keep in mind the few pointers above, and just take your time with your search.

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Lessons Learned About Videos

How Video Production Greatly Affects Your Business

For most businesses, they will have to incorporate and constantly flow with the change to their products and services so that people will still be able to recognize them. Those businesses that refuse to accept and incorporate the changes that we have today failed almost instantly. Businesses would be looking through different new ways on how they can improve their marketing strategy and they found out that there’s so much video marketing has to offer to their businesses.

Our generation today, the information generation has greatly used videos for different purposes and with the internet, these videos can be passed around with no problem. For this reason, business owners realize how videos can greatly affect their business in so many ways. Since the beginning of video production, business owners have created these videos for their companies.
Important Benefits of VideoThe Importance Of Video Production

If you’re wondering how powerful a video is for a business, just know that a human can easily remember things that they have seen rather than heard or read, this means that they can easily remember your products or services if they have seen it in a video. Most companies would admit that their video campaigns would gain more sales and clients than their other marketing campaigns. To add, people today are often attracted to watch different kinds of videos being passed around using social medias and other platforms.

Another reason why businessmen would choose video production over other marketing strategy is because they can deliver the message loud and clear. With these messages easily passed around through the internet, you can be sure that there will be a significant growth to your sales overnight. Also, companies or businesses that can do video production for their services or products are usually revered as big companies.

Business owners know that only professionals can create videos for their businesses. For a video producer it takes a lot from them to make a good video for a business that hired them. This is why businesses should always be careful and patient in finding the right people to fulfill their video production. Businesses that are trying to look for the right video producer, they would need to have a lot of patience and do so much researching in order to find the right company or individual for their video production.

Now you are able to learn the importance of video production for the company and its impact to the success of the business and how are you able to make one for your business.

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What’s Inside a Modern Ketubah

Ketubah is the one of the most important traditional customs during a Jewish wedding because this symbolizes a Jewish marriage contract. Just like any other wedding, the Ketubah should also be signed by the married couples as part of the wedding rituals and should be in front of the witnesses and rabbi. But with the modern world today where many couples don’t really follow any traditions, or those that are not religious or interfaith couples and even those who belong to the LGBT community, create their own version of modern Ketubah as part of their wedding ceremony.

This Ketubah or Ketubot in plural term, is a written version of the vows, promises and responsibilities for a newlywed couple. A Ketubah is an artistically framed document that is basically seen on the walls of the couple’s home to serve as a reminder for both of them on what love is all about. Also, you can use modern Ketubah as a pre-nuptial agreement. There are still people who prefer to have a pre-nuptial agreement first and these are often those who have failed in their first marriage and just want to make sure of their futures when they marry again.

There are guidelines in making traditional ketubahs and you may follow these steps for to you to create your own modern Ketubah as a preparation to your Jewish wedding:

To start off, you need to know what designs, styles, type of artwork and text you would like your Ketubah to have and if it even fits you and your partner’s preferences. You may also want to consult your Rabbi since these rabbis have a lot of background when it comes to weddings and they are also part of the wedding ceremony. Another option for you is to just hire a mediator that will help you with the creation of your agreement. You can ask them to assist you in understanding your partner’s needs and wants and vice versa.

The traditional reason for a Ketubah as an agreement is in order to protect the welfare of the future children as well as the wife. Ketubah also serves as a document that guarantees the financial support from the father when divorce is filed in the future and it also serves a way for the man not to ignore a woman.

Since married couples write their vows, writing it in their own Ketubah text is more beautiful. The content should be coming from the heart and anywhere else. You need to write down everything because this is your way of showing your partner how you love him or her and that you will promise not to hurt the person and love him unconditionally and follow the rules of marriage.

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